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Vanilla Visa – Buying a gift to sharing of happiness!

Vanilla Visa card is another way to share quick happiness with a loved one. The yummy named visa card can be used for anywhere the Visa card is accepted.

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To use you card, swipe the card’s magnetic strip and sign on the offered receipt issued. These Vanilla visa cards have specific balance that gets deducted post usage based on the purchase price and the relevant taxes. This process can be repeated until the balance of the card reaches to nil. Post reaching out of its limit, these cards cannot be reused.

This means that you can complete your purchase if the vanilla card contains enough available balance for making the purchase. Alternatively, the merchant should also be privileged to accepting these vanilla gift cards.

FAQS regarding the Vanilla visa cards

  • How much funds I can add to my Vanilla prepaid card?

No. You cannot add any more funds to the vanilla Prepaid card. Thus, the card is not reloadable with extra cash. The minimum cash can be 10 cents.

  • How much cashback offer is available for me on my Vanilla? 

By using the Vanilla card at various merchant services, you May earn cashback. This may be in the form of a fixed percentage of the total purchase price. However, cashback offers vary from time to time. For more details, check out the official site of the gift card issuer authority.

  • Cashback is not reflecting on my card balance amount

Earnings for cashback offers will be added to the main card balance amount within the next 48 hours to a maximum of 10 working days. In case the same is not reflecting post 48 hours, contact the Vanilla support services available on their official website.

  • The balance checking process

Your merchant will not be able to verify your account balance. Thus, to avoid any issues, opt for checking the available amount of funds from the official website. This will make the process easier for you and your merchant. If in case you have forgotten about the balance limit, you can be allowed to pay through second option like visa debit card. This facility varies from merchant to merchant. Some may accept just online methods of payment while others may accept the cash as well.

This process is called as the split transaction-based model.

  • Do one need to register the card for all kinds of online and offline channel purchases? 

Online and offline channels of sales may often ask for your email and personal information like name, address and telephone details.

Thus, either the gift buyer or the recipient should register for the above-mentioned subject. Failing to do so may cause no confirmation of the identity. This means that your transaction may be declined by your merchant or service providers.

This can happen even if there are already enough funds available for making the purchase. Thus, you may gain unnecessary hassle due to the above-mentioned subject.