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Strategies for economic tutors – Communication methods

Effective tutors are those that have the ability to acquire the tutee participate in each session they will have together. Not just a tutor must also have the ability to make sure the tutee can comprehend and grasp every lesson they will teach. 1 method of identifying if the tutee understands the lesson is by allowing the tutee express what he or she has known about the subject. But, making the tutee talk out their mind is not that easy. More often than not, the tutor does all the talking virtually all of the time. Sometimes a tutor might even do not ask their tutee if he or she had been clear about the topic. To produce the tutee speak out involves using some techniques including effective communication methods. Using open ended questions is the reply to this dilemma.

More often than not, there are cases when the tutee is unable to get the notion of what you are saying, or it may also be the other way round. On occasion, a distortion occurs between what the speaker is saying and what the listener has actually heard. In these examples, the statement has to be clarified. The best way to describe a statement is using the echoing technique. 1 example of echoing is: you said that. Probing can help a student understand. It compels the Economics tuition Bukit Timah to listen and pushes the tutee to believe more. Examples of probing are hard, clarifying, summarization, prompting, and refocusing. These are merely a few of the effective communication methods that will help tutors to push their tutee to engage and answer the discussion. As a tutor you should remember to stay with the 10 seconds rule. Meaning, once you request your tutee a query, you should provide the tutee a time to think for at least 10 seconds before you leap in. This will indicate the tutee that you are expecting them to take part in the discussion and you are listening to what he or she will be saying.