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Firms Stay Away From Tiktok If You Meet These Criteria

After looking through some meeting notes, below are a few common reasons for a company to steer clear of social marketing:

  1. Your company or management team does not believe in Tiktok

This is a tough one to handle. As proponents begin as non-believers, on the one hand if everyone followed this rule this kind of advertising would be dead. On the other hand if you are supposed to be the winner of this program and you do not even believe in the benefits of Tiktok, you will never sell it and if you do, you will not ever execute with consistency and passion.

  1. Your business Bases everything on defined ROI and evaluation is expected

Much of what you can expect to do in this domain will be experimental. Not many organizations have found a means that was concrete to tie Tiktok investment to cost savings or revenue increases.If you are CFO or Controller or your VP of Marketing will take care of an investment in social marketing like an investment in direct mail or pay-per-click search engine advertising, it is probably not going to work out for you.


  1. Pet peeve alert

Unless you arerepresenting nearly or universal consumer merchandise, stop counting relations, friends and followers. Do the wise thing. Identify a section of the audience you need to achieve and make the focus of your marketing program reaching as many members of the segment. Rinse and repeat with another section.If the point of your plan is to collect as followers many friends or connections you will fail in Tiktok.

  1. Your Company leadership

Certain types of Tiktok are not intended for representation. They have been constructed together with the advantage of making a platform from which you may share information and business interests.Many companies’ abuse Tiktokproperties and part of the abuse is in the lack of involvement.

  1. You cannotwrite and cannot find someone that can write

Again if you are a Regular reader of the Marketing Trenches, you understand that we believe writing affects the quality of everything. This applies to marketing. Write and you give people reason to tune out you. Write and you have an opportunity.

  1. Your business is trying Tiktok as it is regarded as a low-cost advertising program

First of all you are doing social marketing right it is not work. It can be reduced cost when compared with media dollars laid out for a search effort or penalties paid for a public relations campaign but that is only because firms tend to place cheaper junior staffers on the free tiktok likes beat.