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Offutt also hosted SAC tankers and Atlas missiles were deployed around the area in the early 1960s. An Army Air-Defense Command Post (AADCP) was estab...More..

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13 October 1959 3-1 West Ham United Southern Floodlight Cup Upton Park 8,250 First-round match. Some immunologists question the model completely, as s...More..

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These use the parent station's call sign plus a sequential number, such as WSTE1, WSTE2, WSTE3. Some stations formerly used -HD, but this has become o...More..

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A record 19 events were scheduled that year, including a second Grand Prix of China as the season finale. Pittsburgh regrouped in the second half. Gam...More..

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This could be operated by the driver to indicate that it was safe for the following vehicle to overtake. Dim-dip was intended to provide a nighttime "...More..

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At the time, the best turntables had massive platters (to reduce "wow and flutter") and tone arms counterbalanced like a precision chemistry scale (to...More..

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Rathbone, Tod. "Royal Netherlands Army Air". The armed forces of the Netherlands used teal field uniforms up to the 2nd World War. For instance, the L...More..

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The collation of these results provides a result to the campaign's scenario, and sometime leads to modifications in the games. A new Assassin's Creed ...More..

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The Southwest Chief service between Kansas City and Hutchinson, Kansas, was also halted. Players Kenny Easley, Walter Jones, Steve Hutchinson, Cortez ...More..

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July 1 - Air Mauritanie Flight 625, a Fokker F28 Fellowship crashes on landing at Tidjikja Airport, Mauritania in sandstorm conditions. November 13 - ...More..

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Raids are advanced cooperative missions designed to be played by a team of six players - the only PvE game type that allows more than three players in...More..

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The APG-63(V)2 and (V)3 are compatible with current F-15C weapon loads and enable pilots to take full advantage of AIM-120 AMRAAM capabilities, simult...More..

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After a flight lasting 14 hours, 56 minutes, during which she contended with strong northerly winds, icy conditions and mechanical problems, Earhart l...More..

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Since most metals vary in both inductance and resistance, a VLF metal detector examines the amount of phase shift, using a pair of electronic circuits...More..

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Once your band has its moves down, there are a number of ways to blow out your score. There are two main patterns for juggling objects one-handed. Cam...More..

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GPS watch manufacturers saw this, and expanded their products' versatility by adding in features from other sports devices such as bike computers, ped...More..

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The new association began lobbying and meeting with state level politicians as well as multiple chambers of commerce for support. A diagram showed an ...More..

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Amu and Rima discover the X Egg and transform into Amulet Heart and Clown Drop. She picks up the pieces of the remaining X Egg and cries. Diamond sens...More..

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Image 14Corroboree at Newcastle by convict artist Joseph Lycett, ca. 1818. Aboriginal Australian religious practices associated with the Dreamtime hav...More..

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He could not figure out how to calculate the quotient of the coordinates of two points in space. Statistics from the 2019 season show that Ho Chi Minh...More..

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Neeleman donated his entire salary to the JetBlue Crewmember Crisis Fund, which was established for JetBlue employees who had fallen on hard times. Ho...More..