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The Important differences between ISO 45001 and OHSAS 18001

Recognizing and responding to the key Differences between ISO 45001 and OHSAS 18001 is the measurement of your transition Annex SL is designed to simplify integration Management systems with fitting sub-clauses and language, Understanding Annex SL is crucial for ISO 45001 – it is The heart of any ISO standard you can expect to accredit into later on, so you need to start your reading.

More about Annex SL here

 The role of the management agent

Under OHSAS 18001, the performance of the health and Management could delegate Security management system to a representative.

Under ISO 45001, the management representative’s role is Allowed but strongly discouraged, for 3 major reasons:

Like all contemporary iso 45001 transition put a strong emphasis on risk. Investing control of this H and S system in one employee should be recognized as a risky setup, especially for bigger businesses

iso 45001 transition

On the other hand, divesting responsibility and acquisition to multiple workers should be recognized as an opportunity for continuous improvement

Above all, top management Cannot distance themselves from the performance of the health and safety management system by simply delegating a representative¬† That means management are expected to take a leadership role that is top-down that is more powerful, accepting responsibility for the employees’ security and driving performance enhancements.¬† However, what does this mean in practice Engagement can be shown in several ways, including:

  • Regular management reviews of their health and safety system functionality
  • Management initiating and participating in security audits, actively collecting feedback from workers for advancement and corrective/preventive action
  • Adequate resources, like the newest PPE or quality control tools, being actively invested.