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Removing Lash Extensions at Home – Things to Know

The eyelash extensions will transform your whole beauty routine instantly, and giving you the enviable and zero-effort glam, which lasts for some weeks without any need to apply any falsies on everyday basis. In fact, as the eyelash extensions begin falling out, probably you will be left with some stubborn stragglers. But, you might be looking for the professional eyelash extension removal, let us check out some details here.

Is It Safe Removing Lass Extensions at Home?

One of the safest ways of removing the lash extensions will be getting it removed by the professional. In many cases, extensions will be adhered using the surgical-grade glue that is not something that novice must mess over with. The bacteria can spread easily in your eye area that the lash artist will fairly avoid (as they have right training, and not to mention proper equipment). Thus, if you may wait to see the professional, then you must definitely get it removed from them.

However, with this being said, there’re various circumstances where you cannot get in a salon to have the lashes removed, or might want to take the matters in your hands. No matter whether you are in-between appointments and giving up on the extensions for some time to give the natural lashes breather, fortunately there’re some damage-free and expert-approved ways that you can remove the eyelash extensions right at your home.

Suppose you do not fancy doing it, you may leave the eyelash extensions to come out naturally. The eyelash extensions may shed with the natural lashes. This will take around 6 weeks for your lashes to come out. But, to ensure there is no damage done to the natural lashes, we recommend getting it removed by the professional. Also, if you wish to get it redone, often you can book treatment at a same time.