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Kaftans Dress Can be Worn on Various Occasions

One common thing between celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Angelina Jolie, Paris Hilton and Miranda Ker is they have often been seen wearing Kaftan either in the red carpet at the Oscars or in any of the public outings. This outfit is slick, stylish, trendy and may be carried off quite easily by girls at summers. Kaftan or Caftan, whatever the title is; traces its development in Mesopotamia. It is a mix of a robe, which is an extension to the ankle and a tunic that is an elongated outfit with a V neck or a round neck opening close to the shoulders. The arms are often open hence providing more space. This garment gained immense popularity in the early 1960s but it is again making a comeback in the modern fashion. These garments reflect the Bohemian lifestyle of these people and are also a traditional fabric for those in Morocco. Even South African folks wear such dresses.

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There are a variety of prints available with the Kaftans that Make the wearer seem gracious. They can really be worn in a variety of places and on a range of occasions. Here, you may come to understand about the various ways a kaftan could be worn. A kaftan can be worn as a beach wear in the Shape of a layer above bikini. They are created from mild and breezy fabric which assists in the correct inflow of air throughout the summer. A kaftan beachwear covers most aspect of the human body and you may thus protect your skin from getting burnt by sunlight. To be able to match the ensemble in a trendy manner, you can add a pair of sandals or a belt round the waist. Since, they are made from natural fabrics; you don’t sweat so easily even in a humid and hot weather.

They may also be worn for attending an official occasion. These Dresses camouflage your belly fat and therefore let you flaunt your ideal figure by wearing the long sleeved kaftan dress. Whether you are skinny or busty, then you can wear them with much elan. While worn with the proper accessories, the dress looks fantastic on the individual who’s wearing it. You may wear a leather belt, a pair of leather sandals, sunglasses and take a tote bag to bring out the bohemian attitude in you. If you are wearing a kaftan for day, then you may add bling jewellery with the dress. You can also spice up your appearance with an evening celebration by choosing a kaftan loungewear or a nightwear. Such kaftans are made from thick cloth materials so you have the ability to keep yourself warm in the event you go for long winter nights. They can be found in many different dark color that are just suitable for a party wear.