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How To Promote Cost Per Action On Blogger

Blogger is a fantastic blogging platform and I love it a lot. It’s so easy to start a blog on this platform. All you got to do is just sign up and then start blogging, simple. I’m not a big fan of other blogging platforms especially its competitor WordPress. They are a little too over engineered for me compared to Blogger. It’s really easy to promote cost per action sites on here because you all you have to do is just place your banners, ads or text ads on the site and then blog away. I know I’m making this sound really easy for those of you who aren’t that internet savvy or computer literate. But it is that easy. I will strongly suggest that you get a domain name for your blogs within the platform. It’s really easy to get one on here too because you are purchasing one from the site itself. It’s only ten dollars so anyone can afford that.

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The domain name will help your blog look a little more uniform and professional as well as enable you to submit the link to social bookmarking sites and gain backlinks more effectively as oppose to you just settling for the sub-domain affiliate program. Though there really isn’t anything wrong with the sub-domain, it just makes life a little easier for you online with a purchased domain name. As far as the CPA program is concerned, your domain name should surround the keywords you want to rank revolving around the CPA program of choice. This will help the search engines in determining what your site is about and it will help you rank a little easily on the search engines as well.

Since Google owns Blogger, you will essentially be able to get your blog indexed pretty quickly since they look out for their own. This doesn’t mean that you should be spamming or doing some illegal stuff on the internet with your blog. It just means that you will be shown some love by Google as you are blogging. You will still need to perform the proper SEO techniques. One thing you can do to better your ranking and readership is to just submit your blog to social bookmarking sites, ping your blog as well as writing press releases and articles online as well. This will always give you quality traffic as people are looking for the exact information you are supplying on your blog.