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Having everyday issues facing high temperatures? FR coveralls for an emergency!

Arc flash and Fr coveralls are for covering the legs, arms, and torso areas to help the person getting injured from burns when they have a career line of being in fire hazard situations, prone to open flames or sparks. It isn’t easy working in situations where fire has occurred and the proper coverage is needed to maintain your safety as there comes a situation of life and death! There fr coveralls are flame resistance which resists melts or burns. Arc flash helps the wearers for protection from high heat when they are working near electrical equipment prone to burns. This safety clothing is worn on top of their coverall to provide insulation which keeps them comfortable.

fr coveralls


  • Their fabric is cotton which is flame resistant
  • Has concealed buttons with brass zipper and front closure
  • 2 pockets in on the chest, with concealed buttons
  • each sleeve has 2 pen pockets
  • waistband with elastic is there
  • cuffs on the wrist with concealed buttons
  • 2 slanted front pockets
  • 2 pockets on the hip, with covered flaps
  • The back leg area has 2 pockets
  • stitching is triple
  • FR reflective tape is placed on areas of shoulder, sleeves, and legs.

The cost 

Fr coveralls are not very cheap and they are quite high in price. These garments have only one main reason for being so expensive and that is their safety. Employees in the industry wear them in safe situations and it’s important to invest in one if they are constantly being a part of it.

It is better to plan a budget, mostly it comes around 1000s of dollars.


Safety is important when it comes to any kind of situation. Therefore, shelling out money on something which helps you get money in return as well is not foolish. Spending on a good uniform for your work is necessary and considering this garment works for a longer time.