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Ensuring Your Bunk Bed Is Safe for Your Children

Parenting is never a simple duty. Among the main aspects of this job involves keeping your kids safe from harm. Even sleeping at night could pose both severe and non-serious threats. Each year, tens of thousands of children experience injuries involving bunk beds. Most are minor injuries; nevertheless,it is not uncommon to see serious injuries from accidents like falling off the top bunk, or suffocation on guard railings although the latter is rare.The next part of the Guide will look at some of most common Sources of accidents from bunk beds, and things you can do to prevent them thus keeping your child safe at night while they sleep.

Guardrail Spacing

Among the most common threats to child safety in relation to bunk bed singapore is the guardrails. They are of so much concern because if not properly installed they could pose opportunities for serious harm. By way of instance, if the guard rail is too low, there is a chance that your child can drop off the top bunk during sleep particularly if he or she rolls while sleeping. Moreover, if the spacing between the guardrails and the bunk bed are too broad, then there are chances that a child’s head can get stuck between the two, which in certain rare instances, can lead to suffocation. Luckily, all bunk beds which are fabricated now must pass a US Security Inspection. If approved, they will be given a certificate that states the bunk mattress meets the highest of safety standards. This greatly raises guardrail safety which will cut the number of accidents due to bunk beds.

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Upper Bunk Support

Another frequent threat is that the upper bunk coming down. This is Usually caused when there isn’t sufficient support holding up the upper bunk’s bed frame, mattress, not to mention the child. However, as with the note above on guardrails, as soon as a bunk bed passes the US Security Inspection, you can be sure the build quality of this bunk bed meets the highest of standards. Therefore, accidents like these are extremely unlikely.Probably the most obvious, but profoundly overlooked facet of Child safety as it pertains to bunk beds is your mattress size. It is crucial to find the right sized mattress to your bunk bed because wrong-sized mattresses may cause falls, or increase the difference between security rails and frame.These threats and much more can be avoided however.